Aquatic Exercise Program

Aquatic exercise is a valuable part of improving function
and independence with life’s activities. As part of our
comprehensive approach to rehabilitation, our water
based program enables patients of all abilities to gain the
benefits of exercise without excessive loading of painful

A patient-specific exercise program that incorporates the
qualities of buoyancy and resistance unique to a aquatic
environment is directed toward individual functional goals
set by the patient and therapist together. Our competence
and experience in the treatment of all orthopedic conditions
blends well with aquatics to encourage a swift return to a
land-based exercise program and functional activities, as
well as promotes independence for an individual or group
aquatic exercise program after discharge.

Aquatics 1

Back to Golf Fitness Program

Utilizing a combination of highly specialized manual therapy
techniques and therapeutic exercises, this program is designed
to promote a healthy back for patients who enjoy golf as a part
of an active life.

The key to a healthy swing is a balance between upper and
lower body flexibility and core stability, thereby reducing
excessive strain on the golfer’s spine and improving his or
her swing mechanics. Increased strength and a greater range
of motion reduce the incidence of injury and add power and
accuracy to the golfer’s game.

Golf 1

Obstetric Physical Therapy / Women’s Health

Pre- and post-partum low back pain can be debilitating for
mothers and mothers-to-be. Abdominal muscle weakness
coupled with ligamentous laxity can contribute to problems
with the sacroiliac joints and the lumbar spine.

Manual therapy can help to promote healthy spinal and
pelvic alignment and reduce pain before and after pregnancy.
Specific graded exercises are safe for mothers-to-be and can
help them remain comfortable in the final stages of

After delivery, re-establishing a healthy alignment of the
spine and pelvis as well as initiating a basic stability and
body mechanics training program will help mothers return
to activity safely and quickly.

Obstetric Physical Therapy / Women's Health

On-site Ergonomic Assessments

Proper work-place set-up is an important part of keeping a
patient healthy. Adjustments and equipment recommendations
made on-site to their work station or office allows the patient to
maintain the improvement that they have achieved in treatment
and serves as injury prevention education.On-site Ergonomic Assessments

Pre-work Screen Exams

Utilizing objective testing adapted from the WorkWell
Solutions Functional Capacity Evaluation, a prospective
worker can be screened to identify potential limitations to
their ability to safely perform specific job tasks. Such a screen
helps to limit Worker’s Compensation claims and minimize
time off the job due to injury.

Pre-work Screen Exams