Treatment descriptions

SSRC’s Personalized Treatment Options Include:

Joint mobilization/manipulation helps to restore movements to the joints of your body.

Soft-tissue mobilization and deep tissue massage stimulates your muscles, relieves stress, and promotes healing, as well as helps restore proper flexibility to your muscles for better motion and less pain.

Neuromuscular reeducation is aimed at teaching your muscles to move in an optimal manner to restore muscle function and promote a more efficient and pain-free way of moving.

Patient training and education promotes independence and self-management to put you in control of your own body.

Joshua Renzi treating a patient

Spinal mobilization/manipulation helps to increase your neck and back motion and decrease pain.

Therapeutic Exercise promotes normal movement patterns and strengthens your muscles. Exercise is the key to maintaining your gains made in therapy.

Relaxation and biofeedback therapies help to relax your muscles and reduce pain.

Ergonomic modification helps to reduce the stress that the work environment places on your body.

Various heat, cold, and electrical modalities help to reduce your pain and inflammation and improve circulation.

Cheryl Conrad treating a patient